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Artist: Gopal Yonjan

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Songs from: Gopal Yonjan
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Aakash Ko Rang Played:1136
Aakash Ko Rang Played:419
Aakash Ko Rang Sad Played:340
Aau Nani Played:426
Ajingari Sari Played:498
Baneko cha Pahara Le Played:1951
Bhettinu Chuttinu Played:789
Bhool Ho Tero Played:537
Birsera Feri Malai Played:1595
Chautarima Basera Played:533
Chhati Ma Mero Yo Choto Played:481
Chyangba Ho Chyangba Played:516
Deshle Ragat Mange Played:869
Galti Hajar Hunchhan Played:1005
Himal Sari Played:1199
Jeevan Ko Harek Modma Played:1004
Kahile Kahi Manka Kura Played:1352
Kala Kala Sala Sala Played:533
Kanchi Hai Kanchi Played:888
Kehi Chotle Gyani Hunchu Played:730
Lakhaun Aankha Aakashka Played:390
Lau Suna Ma Bhanchu Played:1408
Ma Kasari Bhanoo Played:731
Ma Ta Timro Ghanashyam Played:353
Maile Punya Man paray Played:965
Malai Jindagi Yo Lagadach Played:714
Malai Maaf Garideu Played:1195
Maya Pritiko Chokho Played:433
Meri Maya Timi Played:672
Mero Geet Ma Ubheko Played:645
Mero Jovan Laijau Played:643
Mero Pau Ma Played:515
Paschim Kohi Purba Played:416
Sagar Bhari Chati Chiri Played:949
Sara Din Aarulai Played:609
Subhakamana Played:504
Timi Dekhda Played:616
Timi Deu Ya Na Deu Played:806
Timro Jasto Mutu Played:1333
Yati Chokho Played:1201
Yee Timra Muskan Played:339
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Artist Biography:
Even if it sounds like an eulogy, a born patriot, Gopal Yonjan was 'the' singer, composer and lyricist who stands foremost in  Nepal's Musical history. In fact, he is a history in himself. He created the tomorrow of Nepali music yesterday.

His first cry in 1945 may not have crossed the mighty hills of the district of Darjeeling but within  half a decade, his creations penetrated every soul of Nepalese within and abroad Nepal. From early childhood, he showed his natural talent and could play flute fluently.

After he came to Nepal, he met Narayan Gopal, another history-maker. In the field of  music, he made deep and everlasting relations with Chetan Karki, Nati Kazi and almost everyone. The combination of Narayan Gopal, Nagendra Thapa and Gopal Yonjan started a revolution in Nepali music.

Mostly recognized for his patriotic songs like 'Desh le Ragata Maage Malai Bali...', it was the general opinion that one could actually 'feel' Gopal Yonjan's songs. Although he has composed more than a thousand songs, he is most remembered for those distilled songs that came out with the combination of good music, exceptional voice and penetrating lyrics. Timri jasto mutu mero, timro jaistai maya..., Birsera pheri malai nahera... and Jeevan dhekhi dherai, dherai nai thakera... are some of the classics that constantly remind us what it means to be living.

Gopal Yonjan passed away on 21st May, 1997.
kishor01:49:56 AM Monday, 07 April 2014
eauta pani comment dekhina. Sayad yesta legend ko bare ma comment garna pani garo hunchha. In my opinion Nepali Aadhunik Sangget to sikhar purus Gopal ! Gopal ! ani only Gopal .

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