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Band: Nepathya

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Songs from: Nepathya
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Band Lyrics/
Aaganai Played:2932
Aaijo Nidari Played:1524
Aaja Bholi Ke Bhayo Played:1519
Aakasma Played:1405
Aama Played:1211
Aauta Chithi Played:1175
Abhab Abhabai Bhayo Played:1069
Ainale Roopko Played:919
Anurodh Mero Played:674
Barsako Mausam Played:992
Bhedako Oon Jasto Played:1018
Cham Chami Played:902
Chari Maryo Played:1115
Chekyo Chekyo Played:1517
Chhoto Geet Played:637
Dhak Dhak Played:601
Gandakiko Tiraima Played:1080
Ghar Ko Kura Played:617
Ghatana Played:753
Godhuli Sajhai Ma Played:787
Goreto Gaunko Played:643
Hey Lajaune Mayalu Played:964
Hey Maya Timilai Parkhi Played:556
Himal Chuchure Played:556
Jeevan Ho Played:1208
Jeewan Yaha Played:485
Jharile Rujheko Played:488
Jomsomai Bazar Played:1032
Khahi Khaha Played:371
Lageko Bani Played:543
Lampate Surati Played:953
Mardi Khola Gumdai Played:642
Maryo Piratile Played:535
Mero Sappani Hau Played:298
Nakkali Kanchi Played:592
Nakkali Nani Played:345
Naramro Sapana Played:594
Rangin Chari Played:484
Ressam Played:1080
Sa Karnali Played:610
Sahani Sangai Aanshu Played:263
Sam Sajhaima Played:407
Sangai Tyo Himali Played:261
Sano Kuro Mannma Played:393
Shamalidina Aaidiyou Bhane Played:305
Simanama Played:224
Suna Hai Gaule Ho Played:259
Taal Ko Pani Played:901
Timro Aagaman Ko Played:387
Udai Udai Jindagi Played:232
Udayo Relaile Played:890
Ujad Jivan Ma Timile Played:237
Ukali Orali Chaddai Played:293
Yani Maya Played:387
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Band Info:

Nepathya (Nepali:नेपथय also spelled - Nepathaya) is a popular Nepalese music band that was formed in Pokhara, Nepal in the early 1990s. Nepathya is best known for its blending of folk melodies into new, youth-friendly pop and rock tune. Since 1994, Nepathya has gained consistent popularity and recognition. Nepathya’s songs also portray contemporary Nepal. The moving force behind this band is Amrit Gurung. Son of a former British Gurkha, he wears Gandhian frames ( supposed to have inherited it from an aunt of his who was a staunch follower of M.K. Gandhi) and sings songs about peace and harmony. His songs encompass all of Nepal and is not limited to Kathmandu Valley. His songs have an equally powerful impact on Gorkhas of India. Nepathya has seen many changes in its band's line up. But the founder and the brain behind Nepathya is unfazed. Says he Nepathya is like a passenger train that everybody can get in and get out.
Source: wikipedia

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