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  • Aaja Aakash Ma Views: 433
  • Tara Antim Palta Views: 305
  • Ke Samjhi Khelyoo Views: 293
  • Aklai Aklai Views: 241
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Aaja Aakash Ma Views:433

Aklai Aklai Views:241

Kati Pida Dinchau Views:236

Ke Samjhi Khelyoo Views:293

Sabai Sathi Gaye Views:200

Samjhe Pani Views:181

Samjhe Pani Views:154

Sanjha Ko Belama Views:187

Tara Antim Palta Views:305

Timilai Ta Views:182


Good wisher 2/20/2010 1:49:30 AM

dear dambar bhai, your songs sounds technicaly great but musicaly i must say something.... 1. the composition is linear. There is no climax, there is no answere of questions phrases. 2. each songs are dominatet by perticular instruments. i think you gave your energy to express your words and melody but not for any supporting instruments. 3. make sure who is arranging your song and what you really need. these are the tipps for your next album. if you prefere a best compostion please let me know, i know whom who can do the best thing out of any words. chears